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Barsia Offers interactive training course design and development service for organizations to create online training courses for various purpose.

E-Learning Services

Barsia has been designing & developing online training courses for many industries. Though any person and organization can benefit from online courses, following are some of the scenarios -
  • Educational institutions can take advantage of the new medium by offering distance learning courses using computer networking for information.
  • Training organizations can manage to deliver in-house and online trainings
  • Most of the organizations can train their human resources. This reduces the effort of organizing training for new joinees and provides a central repository for repeating the training for existing members.
  • Manufacturing organizations can provide interactive online manuals/tutorials for their products.
  • Medical service providers can have online courses to spread awareness about good health practices or patient recommendation/advice.

The primary features of Barsia’s e-learning course design are as follows:
  • Online Training courses with integrated Graphics, Audio, Video & Animations
  • Online Quiz
  • Workflows & User Interactions
  • HTML5 & Flash based solutions
  • Minimal effort on integration with existing websites, can also be run standalone.


    • Easy Integration

    • Highly Interactive

    • Cross Platform

    • Multiple Browser Support

    • Quality Driven