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Good products are the result of careful market analysis & latest technologies with top class infrastructure and matured processes.

Our Enterprise Products

Barsia products are typically business-oriented high quality softwares which can easily be customized to fulfill customer objectives.

Rhythm CRM

Rhythm CRM (Version 1.2) is state of the art customer relationship management solution for any size organizations. It provides efficient control over customer activities and boosts the organizational performance.
Rhythm CRM has been developed on our own xEdge framework which provides required Agility to the solution. xEdge framework makes the application highly customizable and let customer define and create their own workflows on the fly.

It provides with rich set of interactive reports to enable organizations take educated sales and marketing decisions. Rhythm is a multi-user web based application created with most advanced technologies.
Some of the salient features are -
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Contact management
  • Campaign Management
    • Email Campaigns (Automated)
    • Telephone Campaigns
  • Activities –
    • Task
    • Email
    • Appointment (With office/onsite visits)
    • Letter
    • Phone Call
    • Fax
  • User Management
  • User Notes
  • Role based System Access
  • Teams
  • Organizations
  • Appointment/Activities Calendar
  • File Uploads
  • Reports – interactive reports to analyze the customer data and marketing performance
  • Data Auditing
  • Special Features –
    • Data Export to excel
    • Data Export to XML and simple text formats
    • Data Print
    • Configurable user options (Dropdown lists)
    • Just in time data lookup
  • And much more.

Rhythm Retail

Barsia has been developing Rhythm as an ERP package for small and mid-size organizations. It currently has Inventory, Purchase, Sale, Payroll, Reporting and some customer management modules. It is already being used successfully by some domestic customers.
Some of the Key features are –
  • Inventory, Purchase, Sale, Payroll and some customer management modules
  • Seamless data flow among different module.
  • Modules can work independently or can be integrated with others, hence providing a high degree of scalability for the entire system.
  • Thick client application with intuitive GUI and inbuilt help.


  • Reliable

  • Low Cost

  • Highly Customizable

  • Secured

  • Well Supported

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